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Yard Sales and Storage

Yard Sales & Storage

So you’re looking to have a garage sale to get rid of things you no longer use… One of the biggest questions you’ll ask yourself is what to keep or sell? A self-storage unit can help you keep things you may not be frequently using, but still want to hold on to.

It’s good practice to categorize everything you drop off at the storage unit. It can be helpful to think of how a department store organizes itself when you go to categorize your items for storage (clothing, appliances, sporting gear, kitchen, etc.). This will also help stay organized for items you’re looking to get rid of as your sale approaches.

Having a storage unit to bring things to/from while preparing for the sale can also help keep your home organized and decluttered. You may need to pull things out of storage and bring home to get an idea of things you want to keep or sell.

On the date of your sale you’ll be able to pull things out of your home and storage (as they’re all organized into categories) and easily set out onto tables. With a routine of good organization, going through your belongings on an annual basis to decide what you want to keep and sell will be a breeze!