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Why Use Self Storage?

Why Use Self Storage?

Reduce Clutter

Having a self storage unit can help free up space in your home and cut down on clutter. Whether it’s for the home or office, a storage unit is a convenient and safe place to store items that aren’t being used, such as old appliances, heirlooms, or toys.


Oftentimes storage units have more security features than homes. Many home owners don’t have added security on their place of residence which covers all areas (including yards), but storage facilities such as Secure Space Self Storage are protected with advanced security features. With high definition security cameras, gated entrances and exits, security fences, and on-site management services, you can be rest assured your valuables are in good hands.


Some of your possessions may pose a risk to others in your home, including curious pets and children. While power tools and saws may come in handy for home renovation projects, placing them in storage units while being unused removes the risk of injury from others.


Many homes don’t have the space to store large items, such as boats, canoes, or vintage cars. A self-storage unit can be the solution, with added security and protection. Off-season items, including camping gear and skis, can be conveniently kept in storage units to free up space in your home.


Insurance for storage units can act as supplemental insurance for possessions stored in storage units. Self storage insurance can be found at a cheaper rate than homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and can cover the gaps in the event of valuables being stolen or damaged while in storage.