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Student Storage Overview

Student Storage

While college is a great time to expand your mind, you won’t have much physical space to keep your belongings, as dorms have little storage than what you’re likely used to now. The last thing you want in a door room is for it to be cluttered. Finding a local self-storage company can make all the difference to keeping your sanity (and your new roommate will thank you).

For items that you may want to have close by, but don’t necessarily have to be kept in your dorm room or place or residence, a self-storage unit can be a great solution. It can free up space to keep your frequently used items close, but will provide additional space for items you’ll want later.

Here are a few important questions to ask potential self-storage facilities:

·         What kind of security measures do you have implemented?

·         Is there a first time renters free, or deposit?

·         Are the first and last months prorated?

·         Do you provide locks, or is that something I provide myself?

·         What hours will I be able to access my storage unit?

·         What will happen to my valuables if I forget to pay or if automatic charges don’t go through?

·         Are there fees for late payments?

·         What items can and cannot be stored there?

·         Are student discounts available?


Once you’ve got a self-storage unit lined up, what to store? Good items to store may include outdoor gear, seasonal clothes (including Halloween costumes), and old textbooks you may need over the course of the school year.

Make your parents proud when they come to visit and have a well-organized dorm room.