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Spring Cleaning and Storage

Spring Cleaning and What to Put in Storage

As the days get longer and brighter, the dirt that has built up over the winter months may become more apparent. It’s time to open the windows and let the fresh air in and revitalize your home with some good spring cleaning.

Whether you opt to do a full cleaning of your home once a year or once a month, consider the benefits of having a self-storage unit to keep things out of the way. Cleaning and organizing can easily turn into redecorating your home and having a storage unit handy can help make that process a breeze.

Here are some areas to make sure to add to your spring cleaning checklist:

·         Work from top to bottom: wipe down ceiling fans and light fixtures first. Then, wash walls, windows, and counters, before moving to the floors.

·         Pull appliances out and sweep under – don’t forget to wipe them down while you’re at it!

·         Organize your desk or other areas you keep paper. Recycle old magazines and junk mail. Shred old bills and documents that you don’t frequently use can be put into storage

·         If you’ll be repainting or shampooing carpets, consider using a self-storage unit to store your furniture in to preserve it.

·         Go through your wardrobe and decide which ones you’ll want to keep for this upcoming season. Seasonal ones that you frequently wore can go into storage, and you can donate those you won’t be wearing

·         As you clean out crevasses of your home, you may find broken door handles, leaky faucets, or cracked tiles. Now’s the time to get your power tools out of storage and make necessary repairs while you’re at it

·         Lawn upkeep – Mowers and weed whackers you kept in storage over the winter can be pulled out and used to refresh your lawn.