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Decluttering: Store or Keep?

Decluttering Your Home: To Store or Keep?

Perhaps you’re starting to notice more items accumulating in your home, or are remodeling and looking up to free more space in your home. Regardless, you’ve come to the realization that it’s time to declutter your home. A self-storage unit can be a great answer to this problem of too many items to keep in your home. Self-storage units can help declutter your home by putting away items that you still want to hold onto, but may not need frequently. But now comes the most important question – what do you keep in your home, and what should go into storage?

Items to Keep at Home

·         Seasonal clothes that you currently wear regularly

·         Daily use household items, such as silverware, towels, bedding, dishes, etc.

·         Furniture that’s frequently utilized

·         Photos and wall hangings that go with the flow of your home (which may not be grandma’s vintage cross-stiches)

·         Toys and board games your children have used in the last three months

·         Current bills and documents with sensitive information, such as bank account numbers or social security cards

·         Sporting equipment that’s regularly uses or in-season (bicycles, basketballs, and more)



·         Clothing and footwear that’s out of season, including sports gear

·         Seasonal household items that are in use: blankets only needed in the winter, good silver only used on the holidays, and extra towels that are only utilized when guests visit

·         Photos and wall hangings that don’t fit within your home’s design or theme

·         Furniture that’s only needed when guests visit

·         Toys your children don’t frequently use (make sure to involve them in this process, otherwise you’ll likely encounter a chaotic tantrum that we’d all like to avoid)

·         Tax documents and other various papers that are needed, but don’t need to be reviewed often

At the end of the day, you’ll be the best person to decide what stays at home and what goes into storage.