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College Lifestyle: What to Store

College Lifestyle: What to Keep in Storage

Moving every year in college can make you realize all the items you’ve accumulated over the years. Moving alone can be stressful enough, but when there are added items into the equations, it gets more time consuming and stressful.

While some items make sense to get rid of, there are still those occasional items you’ll randomly need, even though they’re seldom used. Decluttering your home by moving these items into storage can make life easier and more enjoyable. While your parents are glad to help out, we’re sure they don’t want to be your full-time storage facility.

Renting a self-storage unit near Colorado State University can help store many items, including:

·         Winter gear – Colorado has great mountains to ski and snowboard, but you’ll only need those items during the winter.

·         Old text books – You paid a lot of money for your textbooks and likely won’t throw some of them away, in hopes you can use them later. Now’s the time – conveniently store them, and when you need them for that research paper, easily pull them out

·         Seasonal clothes – Colorado has many wonderful seasons, but that also calls for an array of clothes. Store your clunky winter boots during the summer and save space in your home

Storage facilities, especially ones near large campuses such as Colorado State University, fill fast as summer approaches and ends. Make sure to plan early and reserve a unit so it’s available when you need it.