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Car Storage

Vehicle Storage

Whether you have a classic, antique, sports, or racing car, finding a viable storage solution for your precious vehicle is essential. Not everyone has the extra space in their home to keep an extra vehicle – a storage unit may be an answer to your problems. Proper storage will extend the life and integrity of the vehicle, while keeping it in top running condition.

Having a climate-controlled self-storage unit is a must have for your vehicle. Storage units that aren’t climate-controlled expose the vehicle to erratic temperatures and humidity levels, which can cause stress on the body and even cause rust. If kept outside, it may be exposed to nature’s elements, including snow, hail and rain, which can wreak havoc on the exterior and depreciate its value. Placing the vehicle in storage also protects it from the risk of getting hit by other vehicles (or unknowing individuals and clumsy children).

There are a few things to keep in mind when placing your vehicle into storage:

·         Thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Doing so will prevent further buildup of dust and dirt

·         Make sure all fluids are fresh, including transmission fluids, oil, brake fluid, and coolants

·         Make any necessary repairs to the vehicle before putting into storage to prevent further deterioration

·         Use high-quality car interior car treatments to preserve the interior of the car

·         Roll up windows of the car to prevent bugs and mice from getting inside

·         Set mouse traps on the bottom of the car and moth balls around the outside to prevent unwanted animals from getting inside